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Podcast Episode 377: WrestleMania 35 Preview

The biggest weekend in wrestling each year is here! From WrestleMania to ROH x NJPW, NXT to Joey Janela’s infinite spring breaks… there’s something for everyone. This week, we get together with Rok and Neo from Mat Mania and break down the ROH card at The Garden, NXT, and the marathon that is Mania itself. Featuring: ‘Super Jew’ Jared (@SuperJew75), ‘The [Read More]

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ALL IN finally happened… and it. Was. Awesome. While Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) watched it on FITE, the crew from The Strap podcast (@TheStrap) were there LIVE and in living color! Sarah (@TheSarahVanB) stops by to compare live notes, both for the big event and for Starrcast, and discuss the fallout.  Highlights include murdered Joeys, dick druids, Pharoah being the BEST BOY, [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 347: The Chop Heard ’round the World

You’ve been hearing it for weeks. Josh’s bachelor party in Austin was to become his funeral. Now we know why. This is the greatest thing to happen in the history of @thesteelcage podcast. Congratulations to the founder & proprietor, @schlizzag. From your friend @PCOQuebecer. pic.twitter.com/8DFF0yzlOz — Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman) September 3, 2018 Bachelor Party!!! https://t.co/VwZDqvotRk — PCO the future of [Read More]

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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 36: Humanoids for Heenan!

David Hayes (@davie06) returns to join Captain Jack Heartless (@JackHeartless) LIVE in studio this week.  They talk about the mass exodus from WhatCulture, and by extension, WCPW, the ongoing saga of GFW (or is it Impact?) & Anthem, and Jack closes the book on a longstanding issue, with the help of Wrestling Twitter. Most importantly, Dave & the Captain pay [Read More]

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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 28: They Sold the Sonofabitch Out!

Are you hyped for New Japan to come to America yet?!  If not, this week’s show should make that happen, as Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) is joined by CHAOS member and 1/2 of RPG Vice, Rocky Romero (@azucarRoc)! From debuting at 15, training with Antonio Inoki and Bas Rutten, touring with Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson, feuding with Virus and the [Read More]