Are you hyped for New Japan to come to America yet?!  If not, this week’s show should make that happen, as Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) is joined by CHAOS member and 1/2 of RPG Vice, Rocky Romero (@azucarRoc)!

From debuting at 15, training with Antonio Inoki and Bas Rutten, touring with Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson, feuding with Virus and the Young Bucks, and all the way to becoming a hometown guy in New Japan, they run the gamut.  Rocky even talks about the genesis of his music in Mexico, which led to Six Trees Vice Volumes 1 and 2, and the coming of CHICO the Luchador!

Watch: Roppongi Vice vs. Young Bucks @ NJPW Dominion (NJPW World)

Sponsored by Heels & Faces (@heelsandfaces). 

Opening theme by Lemi & The Captain. Closing theme by Rocky Romero.

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