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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 28: They Sold the Sonofabitch Out!

Are you hyped for New Japan to come to America yet?!  If not, this week’s show should make that happen, as Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) is joined by CHAOS member and 1/2 of RPG Vice, Rocky Romero (@azucarRoc)! From debuting at 15, training with Antonio Inoki and Bas Rutten, touring with Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson, feuding with Virus and the [Read More]

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Minutes with the Mayor Ep. 30: Jocay Watch

This week, Derek and Mark are joined by one of Twitter’s favorite wrestling GIFers (with a hard G), Jocay, to discuss the impact that simple yet stylish GIFs via social media have had on the wrestling industry. Topics also include some favorite up & coming talent, the value of streaming services, and the current growth rate of the biz. Featuring: ‘The [Read More]