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CJAE 76: The Ballad of the Alabama Bobs!

We’re back, and so is Joshua Gavin (@TheLumberJew), as he joins Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) IN STUDIO this week during his visit to Los Angeles from the Mid-Atlantic territory.¬† They discuss the good and bad of NWA 70, recap their live viewing of PWG’s Smokey and the Bandido, swap Timothy Thatcher stories, discuss wild rumors about a new money promotion, pick [Read More]

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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 42: Banter Edition!

David Hayes (@Davie06) returns to join Captain Jack Heartless (@JackHeartless) in the studio this week for a special Banter Edition of Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium…which means it’s a multi-topic, over-the-top free-for-all! Topics include, but are not limited to, spinebusters, bank robbers, the Natural, the Flairs, the Dragon, the NWA, the New Japan World Tag League, the Best Friends, why Jack [Read More]

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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 35: Enjoy Every Sandwich

Hot off the heels of PWG’s 2017 edition of The Battle of Los Angeles, Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) has a special interview with Joshua Gavin (@TheLumberJew). ¬†They talk about Josh’s time working for WWN, the owners of EVOLVE, SHINE, and FIP, and he shoots on some of the crappy things that can happen – and, as you’ll hear, continue to happen [Read More]

CWF Mid Atlantic Minutes With the Mayor Podcast

Minutes with the Mayor Ep. 38: CWF Mid Atlantic

This week, Derek and Mark discuss CWF Mid Atlantic wrestling and the stellar championship match between Trevor Lee and Chip Day. They break down what promotions like CWF are doing right online, how the Hardys have influenced a generation, and talk about renting the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for Derek’s birthday. Watch the instant classic between Chip Day and Trevor Lee [Read More]