Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep. 35: Enjoy Every Sandwich

Hot off the heels of PWG’s 2017 edition of The Battle of Los Angeles, Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) has a special interview with Joshua Gavin (@TheLumberJew).  They talk about Josh’s time working for WWN, the owners of EVOLVE, SHINE, and FIP, and he shoots on some of the crappy things that can happen – and, as you’ll hear, continue to happen – in the business of professional wrestling.

Despite the bad stuff, Josh professes his continued love of the business, thanks to promotions such as Progress (@ThisIs_Progress), Nova Pro (@vawrestling), CWF Mid Atlantic (@CWFMIDATLANTIC), IWA Mid South (@IWAMidSouth), and AIW (@AiWrestling), and urges everyone to seek out the right wrestling for them.


Sponsored by Heels & Faces (@heelsandfaces). 

Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain.

Closing theme by Warren Zevon.

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