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CJAE 101: Tana-Fozzy!

IT’S TIME!  IT’S TIME! IT’S WRESTLE! KINGDOM! TIME!!!! Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and our ace NJPW correspondent Chris Damasceno (@BrasilianFury) cover the retirements, surprises, shockers and MOTY candidates of the biggest January shows in the company’s recent history. We now have a champ-champ, Murder Dad has risen, Murder Ibushi is here to stay, and we said a tearful goodbye to our [Read More]

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CJAE 96: G1 29, Night 13-19 – SHIBAAATAAA!

Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and Chris (@BrasilianFury) have done it…they’ve made it through every single G1 Climax 29 block match and the final, and they’re discussing the last third of the tournament on this week’s episode. Listen in as they discuss their overall top 5 matches, their picks for G1 MVP, and…the return of SHIBATA?!?! Sponsored by Lapel Yeah (@LapelYeahPins), [Read More]

Captain Jack's Armbar Emporium Commentary Event Results Japanese Wrestling NJPW Wrestle Kingdom


Our favorite event of the year is here again, as WrestleKingdom 13 delivered with surprises, epics, EIGHT title changes, and a lot of goodbyes.  Join Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and Chris Damasceno (@BrasilianFury) as they break down the exodus of the Elite, the return of Okada’s Thighs, the coronation of the Switchblade, the Uncanny Valley broached by Tiny KUSHIDA, and the [Read More]

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CJAE 47: To Wrestle Kingdom… and Beyond!

Wrestle Kingdom 12 is in the books, and joining Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) to talk NJPW’s biggest event for the 2nd year running is Eddie Van Glam (@eddievanglam)!  They break down the full card, including the hotly anticipated double main event of Alpha vs. Omega and Naito vs. Okada, and how it met their sky-high hopes and expectations.  They also dig [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 313: Wrestle Kingdom 12

I’m not sure what’s motivating WWE to continue to put on quality television through the holiday season, but I certainly love it. Whether it’s increased pressure from shows like New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom or (more likely) pressure from the highest stock prices $WWE has ever seen – it’s a blessing to the fanbase to be able to catch some solid [Read More]