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The Undertaker is Over. Not in the Way You’re Thinking, Though.

When you say someone is “over” in pro wrestling, that’s usually a good thing. “He’s so over with the fans” means that he’s getting a big reaction and they’re clamoring to see more. Let’s be clear – that’s not what I mean when I say that The Undertaker is over. I’m saying he’s over like shell art is over. In [Read More]

Wrestlemania XXVI

The Tussle for Tickets

Hello, fellow rasslin’ fans. It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to all of you; for that, I’m sorry. Since this is the week of Wrestlemania XXVI, I felt I had to break my silence and take part in the great wonderland of blogging about pro wrestling. Specifically, what drew me out of the network of caves and tunnels I call [Read More]

Wrestlemania XXVI

Volunteers Needed for WrestleMania events!

Volunteering is a great way to feel like you’re making a difference in sports / entertainment / sports entertainment that interests you! I’ve personally helped with the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, and Fiesta Bowl. I’m more likely to be playing the role of tourist at most of these events, but if you don’t have other plans, I urge [Read More]

Wrestlemania XXVI

WrestleMania XXVI stadium information

University of Phoenix Stadium has posted some great information on their website, in regards to this year’s WrestleMania. In particular, I was looking for some information regarding parking. It will be general parking or VIP, with passes selling for $20 and $50, respectively. These can be purchased in advance or upon driving up in cash. Personally, I’ll be ordering one [Read More]