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This Week’s Episode 3: There Is No Environment In This Dojo!

Annnnd they’re back (and sponsored by Coor’s Banquet, to boot)!  The original idea for episode 3 has been postponed, as the gang is on fire to talk about the newest addition to one of Zach’s (@realzachhiggins) favorite franchises. That’s right, Syd (@sydneespeaks), Zach and Jack (@JackHeartless) are talking all things Cobra Kai, how it ties back to the original Karate [Read More]

This Week's Episode

This Week’s Episode 2: Stevie Wayne Liiiiiiiiives!

In the midst of Antonio Bay’s 138th birthday on April 21st, Zach (@realzachhiggins), Syd (@sydneespeaks) and Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) dedicate This Week’s Episode to discussing John Carpenter’s underrated, understated gem THE FOG (1980). (Don’t worry.  That said 1980. Not 2005.  You’re safe here!) From glowing eyes that even Visine can’t fix to priestly drinking problems, to Jamie Lee Curtis’s disdain [Read More]