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This Week’s Episode 3: There Is No Environment In This Dojo!

Annnnd they’re back (and sponsored by Coor’s Banquet, to boot)!  The original idea for episode 3 has been postponed, as the gang is on fire to talk about the newest addition to one of Zach’s (@realzachhiggins) favorite franchises.

That’s right, Syd (@sydneespeaks), Zach and Jack (@JackHeartless) are talking all things Cobra Kai, how it ties back to the original Karate Kid trilogy, and why it worked when so many other reboots failed.

(NOTE: Season 1 will be discussed in detail.  Please watch Cobra Kai on YouTube Red before listening to this episode.  It rules!!)

Opening theme by The Damned (@damnedtwits).

Closing theme by Joe Esposito.

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