Zack Sabre Jr: King of Armbar Mountain
Zack Sabre Jr: King of Armbar Mountain

Many happy returns and welcome to the very first installment of No Sell It at their brand new home on The Steel Cage!

This week, Flaux and Cristen are on a new journey to bring the exciting world of independent professional wrestling right into your face, starting with a review of Progress Wrestling’s mystery show. Jimmy Havoc is the biggest face in the company, and Will Ospreay is the heel? This day in age, nothing surprises us. Come along with us and get a primer on the state of the UK Graps.

Sign up for Progress’ on demand service here.  It’s cheap. It’s fun. It’s some of the best wrestling on the planet. And follow Progress at @ThisIs_Progress while you’re at it!

Featuring: Unicorn Queens Cristen Brinkerhoff (@Wanda102) & Florence Bullock (@Flaux)

Intro Music by Glitbiter. Outro Music by B*Witched (@BWitchedreunion).

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