This week’s RAW presented a significant improvement over last week’s in terms of watchability. Not great, but overall pretty solid if you can carve out a few hours of your day to watch it.

Before we get into it, we digress a bit into the weekend’s United Kingdom Championship tournament. Pete Dunne is the best at being the worst, am I right?

From the big men mixing it up to bookend the show (with Rollins and Zayn thrown in for good measure) to story time with Charlotte, and Neville running roughshod over the cruiserweight division, quite a lot happened. One more week til the Royal Rumble, folks… And there are SO many possibilities!

Lastly, did you hear about Kurt Angle’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true!

Featuring: Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag), ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman), ‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Darrell Johnson (@zazzumplop), and Nick (@nick_fromNY).

Music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley.

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Joshua Schlag

For most of the last 30+ years of my life, I've been watching WWE. As a kid, Monday Night Raw hooked me from the start. From Bret Hart and Razor Ramon, to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.. I've witnessed the ups and downs and I'm proud to have enjoyed pro wrestling through the years.

Though I now watch in a much different fashion than I did when I was a kid (finding out Vince McMahon was the owner and Jack Tunney no more than a figurehead was like finding out Santa Claus did not exist), I feel like I have a much greater appreciation for the hard work pro wrestlers do and the things they sacrifice to entertain us.

It's still real to me, dammit!