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Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium Ep.17: “My Favorite Feud” w/ Derek Montilla

Ahoy and welcome!  This week, Captain Jack Heartless (@seejacktalkback) brings his monthly special episode, “My Favorite Feud”, to The Steel Cage Network!  “My Favorite Feud” is where a guest drops by to wax poetic about their #1, desert-island rivalry, and what it means to them. This time out, Minutes With the Mayor host Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman) stops by to talk about the [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 194: Night of Champions 2015 Results

John Cena is pretty much the top dog these days, but he’s not the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That’s Seth Rollins. The man who now seems to be battling monster after monster – first the baseball bat wielding man with the painted face, Sting. Took care of business, there. Now, a split personality version of Kane. Entertaining and terrifying. Will [Read More]