Nostalgia So... That Happened WWE Network

So… That Happened: TLC 3

The era of the DVD is all but dead, especially for WWE fans. Want to relive any moment? It’s pretty much guaranteed to be on the WWE Network. Unfortunately when you’re living without an internet connection for a week, like I had to recently, you’re left with very few options left for entertainment. Thus, one morning I pulled out WWE’s [Read More]

Impact Wrestling Minutes With the Mayor Podcast

Minutes with the Mayor Ep. 13: #TheFinalDeletion

On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, Derek is joined by the founder and proprietor of The Steel Cage, Mr. Joshua Schlag, to discuss the pro wrestling art film/match presented by TNA known as The Final Deletion. God bless you, Matt Hardy. We hope you stay broken forever. Hosted by: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman)  Special Guest: Joshua Schlag (@schlizzag) [Read More]


Jeff Hardy laments, Jericho and The Miz talk smack

  you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re well aware that twitter is the latest craze to take over our internet lives. It stretches to all aspects of our lives – even the world of professional wrestling. That being said, I’d like to do a wrap up every so often of the most entertaining or interesting tweets by our favorite [Read More]