Nostalgia So... That Happened WWE Network

So… That Happened: TLC 3

The era of the DVD is all but dead, especially for WWE fans. Want to relive any moment? It’s pretty much guaranteed to be on the WWE Network. Unfortunately when you’re living without an internet connection for a week, like I had to recently, you’re left with very few options left for entertainment. Thus, one morning I pulled out WWE’s [Read More]

Money in the Bank Predictions

Money in the Bank Predictions

Later today, we’ll all no doubt be captivated by WWE’s July Pay-Per-View spectacular, Money in the Bank – live this year from our hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Since I didn’t get to join Adam and Jared on the podcast this week (I was quite literally climbing a mountain) and I’m ridiculously excited to see this show in person, I figured [Read More]

Commentary Impact Wrestling

TNA: An Overdue Endorsement

If you haven’t been watching TNA, you’ve missed out on some suprisingly sophisticated commentary on the wrestling business. Actually, I should hesitate to use the word ‘surprisingly’, since TNA has been the more sophisticated of the two major companies since I started watching. It has long treated wrestling as a business, never shy to break the fourth wall every so [Read More]