Get your THWIP on with not one, not two, but a multitude of Spider-Men (and women), as we dive mask-first into the new animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Friend of the show, Mateo Morales returns to explain exactly why he named his son Miles (you heard us), Greig and Jared argue about… sorry, ‘ponder’ the future of the Tom Holland Spider-Man series, and of course, we gush over the phenomenal animation techniques used in bringing this film to life.

All this and more on an all-Spidey edition of Unfunny Nerd Tangent.

Hosted by: ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Featuring: ‘SuperJew’ Jared Robinovitz (@SuperJew75) and ‘My Son Really is Miles’ Mateo Morales (@Matt_Morales).

Music by: Post Malone & Daniel Pemberton.

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Greig Tansley

From Down Under, a huge comic book, movie & television nerd, I bring you the Unfunny Nerd Tangent series here on the Steel Cage Network.
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