This week, lead writer and host of No Sell It, Cristen Brinkerhoff (@wanda102), returns to the show to talk about the utter silliness of PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) and Chapter 70.

“Progress 1978” was ridiculously fun and had something for everyone, from The Sheepwhackers to the Flamboyant AJ Streetsmith to “Double Meat” Popeye Mulligan and the INSANE commentary.  Any review cannot possibly do it justice, go watch it ASAP!

Cristen and Jack also highlight the awesome cards this weekend for PCW ULTRA (@PCWULTRA) and New Japan’s Dominion.  The main event feud-ender(?) between Okada and Omega has the eyes and ears of the wrestling world, and they talk about what they hope to see on June 9th and beyond from the main event scene in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain. Closing theme by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

Sponsored by WrestleCrate (@wrestlecrateusa).

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