It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime…of the yeeeeear!

It’s tournament season for pro wrestling, and Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) is joined by return guest Sleeve Assassin (@SleeveAssassin) to talk about this year’s iteration of the best tourney there is – the G1 Climax!

They’ve watched every A & B Block match from the first 6 nights of action, and will break down the best of the best shown, for those who have nowhere near that kind of time.  Also, stick around for the bonus PWG BOLA preview, Kawada’s above-average ramen skills, and even more love for the beautiful violence that is Bruiser Brody.  Enjoy!

Sponsored by Heels & Faces (@heelsandfaces). 

Opening music by Lemi & The Captain. Closing music by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

*** WARNING – PODCAST SPOILERS AHEAD — Sleeve Assassin and Captain Jack’s Top 5 of the first half of NJPW G1 27 ***

Sleeve Assassin:

  1. Elgin vs Okada
  2. Naito vs Ibushi
  3. Ishii vs Makabe
  4. Ibushi vs Ishii
  5. Juice Robinson vs Evil

Captain Jack:

  1. Naito vs Ibushi
  2. Sabre Jr vs Tanahashi
  3. Elgin vs Okada
  4. Ibushi vs Sabre Jr
  5. Sanada vs Okada

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