Captain Jack (@seejacktalkback) is back with a super-sized episode and a special guest, as Andy Peters (@andy_peters) from TruTV’s “Those Who Can’t” is LIVE in the LA studio! They talk about both of the New Beginning shows put on by New Japan Pro Wrestling over the last few weeks, and there was a whole lot to love about them.  Highlights include: Don Callis making Kevin Kelly tolerable, Andy wanting to enter gigs dressed as EVIL, Dragon Lee and Takahashi droppin’ jaws, Shibata and Ospreay breakin’ jaws, Naito being dapper, an impromptu preview for PWG’s Only Kings Understand Each Other, and Minoru Suzuki continuing his reign as The Scariest Man Alive. Enjoy!

Opening music by Lemi & The Captain. Closing music by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).

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