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Podcast Episode 399: WarGames + Survivor Series 2019 Preview

Red. Blue. Yellow. YES, YELLOW. RAW, SmackDown, and NXT are all vying for brand supremacy at this Sunday’s Survivor Series. Before that even happens, NXT is putting on what is sure to be a hell of a show the night before. Even if you don’t keep up with every weekly show, there’s a lot to be excited about. Meanwhile, we [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 397: Brock Lesnar is Inevitable

RAW. SmackDown. NXT. Dynamite. NXT UK. Ten plus hours of fresh pro wrestling content is now coming at us on a weekly basis. Throw in a Saturday or Sunday show, and an already out of hand schedule just becomes that more daunting. First world problems, amirite? Truth of the matter is – there’s a lot of great content available to [Read More]