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Podcast Episode 112.5: Jim Cornette

I'm a Jim Cornette guy. You could be a Jim Cornette guy, too!

I’m a Jim Cornette guy. You could be a Jim Cornette guy, too!

On his recent tour through the United Kingdom, Jim Cornette was gracious enough to sit down with our very own Hashtag Billi for a few minutes to talk about wrestling – as much as we could fit into a rather short but insightful conversation. From the role of managers to the steroid era, to modern day booking, and more – there was no holding back when it comes to Cornette.

In addition to our sit down interview, we were also given permission to record a few segments from his live show, where he discussed a wide range of topics, from Lex Luger and his time with Yokozuna, to his feelings on The Kliq and even Dixie Carter. It’s a pretty fun listen from start to finish – we hope you enjoy it!

Featuring: Hashtag Billi (@DirteeJesus), Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag).

Special Guest: Jim Cornette (@thejimcornette)

Music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley.

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