#ThrowbackThursday: Tensai Debuts

This week’s #TBT takes us to February of 2012 when Prince Albert / A-Train made his return to WWE after many years over in Japan. Because of his time there, it apparently seemed to be a good idea to rebrand him as a man who had perfected the blend of American and Japanese wrestling – two styles! Though he was [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 38: Replacement Referees

There has been much talk in sports, both professional and fictitious, about the integrity of replacement referees. Just as Monday Night Football closed with controversy, Raw opened by addressing their own controversy. In addition, Kane and Daniel Bryan visit a diner and pay tribute to When Harry Met Sally, and Mick Foley dominated the mic. And never fear Tensai fans, [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 37: Night of Champions Results

Night of Champions was one of those pay per views that had mediocre expectations going in, and definitely overdelivered with solid in ring action and decently compelling storylines. The Cena / Punk train rolls on to Hell in a Cell, undoubtedly – even with a hint towards The Rock’s eventual involvement in the coming months. Oh, and Raw wasn’t half [Read More]


New Shirt: Tensai’s Japanese-American Fusion

Tensai is a master of mixing both Japanese and American styles of wrestling! – Adam ‘A-Bomb’ Hess (ahess49) Buy the shirt! We may not all see eye to eye with Mr. Hess’s constant rants about how little respect Tensai gets, but we can appreciate this t-shirt design! Brought to you by Danny Schlag (schlaggers) of 6:6 Productions, it cleverly brings [Read More]