After a disastrous first outing, all the way back as far as UNT 4… your favorite D-List villains return with a new instalment of The Suicide Squad. #Milton

  • Deadshot Vs. Bloodsport
  • The definition of Millennials
  • Corto Maltese
  • Troma origins and why Maximum Overdrive never had a spin-off cartoon.
  • John Cena in iconic Schwarzenegger roles
  • Watchmen connections (of course)
  • The resurrection of ‘Feet or No Feet’
  • And Jared’s accidental Get Smart deep cut.

All of this and more with UNT 125: The Suicide Squad.

(Don’t get attached.)

Hosted by: ‘Suicide Dad’ Tim Agne (@timagne).

Featuring: ‘Superjew’ Jared Robinovitz (@Superjew75) & ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Music by: John Murphy & The Jim Carroll Band.

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Greig Tansley

From Down Under, a huge comic book, movie & television nerd, I bring you the Unfunny Nerd Tangent series here on the Steel Cage Network.
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