It’s time for wrrrrrrestling news! (doot doot doot do doot… sing it with us now, it’s Cena’s theme)

Let’s start with the big thing everyone is talking about this week: Are Brian Danielson and/or CM Punk going to AEW? There have been reports of CM Punk training and consulting. Reliable sources say it’s happening, with a Goldberg or Lesnar-type of deal with AEW. Is this good for ‘the business?’

Also, per reports.. Bryan Danielson’s AEW debut is scheduled for September at an episode of AEW Dynamite called Grand Slam. If you didn’t see AEW as legitimate COMPETITION to WWE yet, surely these things will change your mind, no?

Meanwhile, WWE did a lot with their first couple of shows back on the road. Cena. Goldberg. NXT is buried. Keith Lee returns. Keith Lee loses. A MITB cash-in. So, yeah. Lots of excitement, in one way or another. Was it good? Was it enough?

Our thoughts? It was too much, and just another example of WWE’s short attention span. Hopefully, these issues will get resolved or put into a better perspective with some time, as right now – things just feel a bit off. That said, I guess let’s let it breathe for a bit…

Winners of the week!

  • Neo – Hikuleo (Bullet Club is fine)
  • Cap – John Cena
  • Beek – Lance Archer And New IWGP United States Champion

Featuring: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman) and ‘Tio Neo’ David Valencia (@theneoecks)

Music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley

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