Aussie Top 3 – Episode 8: Best Theme Songs

Welcome to AT3 on The Steel Cage, where our Down Under contingent fights off the Drop Bears to discuss their Top 3 of a variety of wrestling topics.

Entrance music is all so important to a wrestler. It needs to grab the crowd, establish their character and hype the audience for the match that’s to come. There have been many, many amazing wrestling themes in the past, and that tradition carries on even today.

This topic may have been our toughest to decide yet. So of course, we brought back ‘Steel Cage Royalty’ – ‘A-Bomb’ Adam Hess, to help us choose our Top 3 all-time favourite entrance themes.

Old school listeners of the Steel Cage in particular are in for a treat this time, so throw out your flip flops and grab your thongs, it’s ‘time’ for another edition of Aussie Top 3.

We’ll see you Down Under.

Hosted by: ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Featuring: ‘Little Sherbie’ Stacey Herbert (@littlesherbie) & ‘Stinga’ Steve Wray (@stinga57).

Special Guest: ‘A-Bomb’ Adam Hess (@ahess49).

Music courtesy of Purple Planet.

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Greig Tansley

From Down Under, a huge comic book, movie & television nerd, I bring you the Unfunny Nerd Tangent series here on the Steel Cage Network.
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