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Unfunny Nerd Tangent 6: Back to the Future Trilogy

Great Scott!

Great Scott!

The UNT team returns from the past (or is that the future?) to bring you another Unfunny Nerd Tangent, this time (time, get it?) on the Back to the Future Trilogy.

The guys discuss their love (or hate) for certain aspects of the classic films, debate possible plot holes, try to understand the nature of Biff’s time-travel awareness and much, much more.

Grab your plutonium, fire up Mr. Fusion and follow us as we journey… Back to the Future.

Oh, and say ‘Hi’ to your Mom for me…

Hosted by: Greig (@GreigT13)

Featuring: ‘A-Bomb’ Adam Hess (@ahess49), ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman), Nick from NY (@nick_fromNY), and Doug Suiter (@dougsuiter).

Music by Alan Silvestri (@SilvestriMusic) & Huey Lewis and the News (@Huey_Lewis_News).

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