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Aussie Top 3 – Episode 2: Future Hall of Fame Inductees

Welcome to AT3 on The Steel Cage, where our Down Under contingent fights off the Drop Bears to discuss their Top 3 of a variety of wrestling topics.

This week, our Aussie trio of wrestling fanatics sat down and discussed who they’d induct into the WWE Hall of Fame, excluding obvious superstars like Undertaker and The Rock and anyone who’s currently a full-time performer.

Some of their pics were obvious, some thoughtful, some a little left-field and others controversial… but all valid.

So, chuck another snag on the barbie and check out Episode 2 of AT3.

We’ll see you Down Under.

Hosted by: ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Featuring: ‘Little Sherbie’ Stacey Herbert (@littlesherbie) & ‘Stinga’ Steve Wray (@stinga57).

Music courtesy of Purple Planet.

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Podcast Special: WWE Hall of Fame – Who’s Next?

Simply the best.

Simply the best.

Almost as fun as predicting the WrestleMania card is another annual tradition: speculating who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. WARNING: Lots or random nerd tangents!!!

Featuring: Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag), Hashtag Billi (@DirteeJesus), Sprung (@jasprung), ‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Darrell Johnson (@zazzumplop), Derek (@cap_kaveman), and ‘A-Bomb’ Adam Hess (@ahess49)

Music by Marty Buttwinick, courtesy of Music Alley.

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DiBiase and Inoki.. Who’s Next?

And no, that’s not to imply Bill Goldberg. That man would only make the Hall of Shame, for ending Bret Hart’s career.

Anyways, I’d just like to speculate a bit…

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Antonio Inoki are certainly worthy, but it’s clear that WWE has yet to drop the bomb on us, as far as inductees go.

Stu Hart? Owen Hart? With Bret’s appearance at WrestleMania this year… doubtful.

I don’t know who the big name will be, or even if there will be one.

Some realistic thoughts as to who else might make it in, though:

– Ron Simmons
– Mr. Fuji OR Paul Bearer – assuming they’d limit it to one manager
– Debra Miceli (aka Alundra Blaze / Madusa) OR Luna Vachon – assuming they’d limit it to one female
– The Brooklyn Brawler – he deserves recognition for his work not only as a jobber, but behind the scenes and as Doink the Clown
– Duke the Dumpster Droese (kidding)

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