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Derek and Tim Eat Snacks Ep. 45: Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bars

This week on the DATEScast, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES BECAUSE IT IS PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON, YOU BASIC BITCHES! Our snackologists talk about a variety of topics centered around the fall pumpkin spice season, and, as usual, a variety of topics that have nothing to do with snacking. Like people watching confused children leaving Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Most importantly, they pick, eat, and rate a HEALTHY snack to get your fall season started right, Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bars.

Featuring: Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) & Tim Agne (@timagne)

Music by: Polly Hall & Andrew Barkan, and Smashing Pumpkins (@smashingpumpkin)

Inspired by: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

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