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So… That Happened: TLC 3

The era of the DVD is all but dead, especially for WWE fans. Want to relive any moment? It’s pretty much guaranteed to be on the WWE Network. Unfortunately when you’re living without an internet connection for a week, like I had to recently, you’re left with very few options left for entertainment. Thus, one morning I pulled out WWE’s “The Ladder Match” compilation released in 2007 and hosted by Todd Grisham. One match in particular caught my interest and I found myself thinking “that happened”? Trigger warning: this match contains Benoit and lots of it.

Think of an example of when a casual or former wrestling fan struck up a conversation with you about moments of the past. It’s easy to determine the viewing history of “former” fans; 90% of them seem to have been swept up in the WWF at the height of it’s dominance and then fallen off approaching the end of the Attitude Era. Thus, recounted moments are usually those on the extreme side; Mankind’s fall from the cell, Austin’s crimson-mask face turn and any number of Shane’s various antics. One thing that always seems to come up is the legendary TLC 2 from WrestleMania X-7 [WATCH: WrestleMania X-7, on the WWE Network].

Following the success of a match that more often than not makes it into lists of the best bouts of all time, two months later the WWE attempted to strike gold for a third time with TLC 3. The first wrinkle to this match, however, was that it would introduce another duo to the the WWE’s trio of tag team greats; the Dudleyz, the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian. This team, somewhat strangely in retrospect, is Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. The pair had previously had a strange formation with Benoit losing a match against Angle at Judgement Day due to interference from Edge and Christian [WATCH: Judgement Day 2001, on the WWE Network]. This saw the Rabid Wolverine team up with Jericho in a Tag Team Turmoil match later that evening for revenge and, by coincidence, #1 Contendership. The next night they captured the WWF Tag Team Championship [WATCH: Monday Night Raw – May 21st 2001, on the WWE Network].

The second thing of particular interest is that TLC 3 was to take place on free TV on the May 24th 2001 episode of SmackDown of all things, just days later. The idea of such a match happening on broadcast television now is fairly laughable; sure, we get the occasional Steel Cage match (especially more likely since the draft extension) but it’s not like they’re busting out the Hell in a Cell for random TV tapings. Whilst Raw’s most recent TLC bout was January 2013, this remains the only time SmackDown has been graced with the gimmick.

The match doesn’t fool around and a series of ladder spots open the competition [WATCH: SmackDown – May 24th 2001, on the WWE Network]. The two Canadians are presented with a subtle layer of sympathy, facing off against three teams who have TLC experience (and a promo to open the episode from Vince who believes they have “run out of miracles”). Before too long, Benoit dives through a table on the outside and is stretchered out of the arena. After a few spots, including a savage suplex off the ladder from Bubba to Jeff, Benoit makes his way back to the ring clutching his ribs and intent on climbing towards the gold.

You may have noticed that one of the three namesake toys of the TLC match has been absent to this point but a two-on-one assault from Edge & Christian fixes that as they bring chairs into the fold to deliver a con-chair-to to Benoit’s ribs. From here, the latter delivers a brutal headshot to Jericho whom Tazz mentions in passing is recovering from a concussion. Grim. Kayfabe or not, whatever the case these things are much harder to see in hindsight. This probably won’t be the last time we revisit unprotected chair shots though, unfortunately.

Further spots in TLC 3 include the out of nowhere use of a TV monitor followed by Jeff impressively leapfrogging from one ladder, over another and down into the announce table, D’von sells a Twist of Fate like he just got electrocuted and finally Benoit ascends a ladder to retain the Tag Team Championship to a glowing babyface pop, despite not really being a part of the competition. This may have been for the best however, as it was revealed weeks later than Chris had sustained a neck injury during the match.

Following TLC 3, the winning duo strangely used their victory to secure world title shots from then-champion Stone Cold with Benoit challenging twice in the very next week. This alone is evidence that, at the time, the WWF knew that the unexpected would keep people tuning in. In retrospect, it seems incredibly scattershot. All in all, TLC 2 remains a good mile out from it’s successor but the third match of the series is still pretty fun, even with some very odd albeit interesting alterations to the formula. Hell, those interesting alterations are what these articles are all about. Jericho and Benoit teamed together in the fatal four-way TLC 3 on SmackDown. Weird, innit?

Minutes with the Mayor Ep. 13: #TheFinalDeletion


On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, Derek is joined by the founder and proprietor of The Steel Cage, Mr. Joshua Schlag, to discuss the pro wrestling art film/match presented by TNA known as The Final Deletion.

God bless you, Matt Hardy. We hope you stay broken forever.

Hosted by: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman

Special Guest: Joshua Schlag (@schlizzag)

Music by Action Bronson (@actionbronson)

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Video from the WWE / Make A Wish Foundation / Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Social

I went up to Scottsdale today around lunch time, to catch the WWE superstars as they are in town to tape ECW and Smackdown tonight. And I must say, they held the best ice cream social since the Holiday Village retirement community’s December 1996 fiasco. You know what I’m talking about.

Here’s Matt Hardy, thanking us for coming out and sharing in our excitement for Wrestlemania!

Jeff Hardy laments, Jericho and The Miz talk smack


you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re well aware that twitter is the latest craze to take over our internet lives. It stretches to all aspects of our lives – even the world of professional wrestling.

That being said, I’d like to do a wrap up every so often of the most entertaining or interesting tweets by our favorite personalities.

Jeff Hardy shows how truly frustrated he was after losing the belt to CM Punk on the night of The Bash. Kinda sounds like Eeyore:

  “Oh well…”

Eve had some fun at the beach:

  “Toot toot! Go down the hoooole.

Maryse and The Miz dance around each other, even online:

  “at a signin with the lovely n gorgeous maryse. yeah she wants me.”

“btw my signin today was insane, the miz couldnt stop talking, bla bla bla and blaaaaaa bla he loves me, haaa what man wouldnt be xxx”


And finally, Jericho and The Miz begin to prove that they really get how entertaining Twitter can be. I got a little bit of insight from this, as they are clearly close enough friends to rag on each other so much. With that, perhaps The Miz didn’t straight up steal his Cena angle from Jericho’s Goldberg angle – maybe Jericho coached him along. Just thinking as an outsider:

  “theres a 10 story parkin structure with thousands of fans booing me as i walk to the bus. im awesome”

“@mikethemiz you’re gay”

“@IAmJericho u flat iron ur hair n im the gay one?”

“@mikethemiz hmmmm good call. Then again u use mounds of sculpting paste to assemble your purple fauxhawk as u admire yourself in the mirror”

“@IAmJericho if u looked this good u would do the same. @fhnixon i guess its a rockstar thing.”

“@mikethemiz if I looked that good I would put a bag on my head”

“@IAmJericho i cant do this back n forth my dad always taught my to respect the elderly.”

“@mikethemiz Did he teach u to say “do u want fries with that?”…might come in handy someday.”

“@IAmJericho it did come in handy back in 1996 remember those days when u actually had hair. its cool though bald is the new black.”

“@mikethemiz And the fauxhawk is the new fanny pack.”

“@IAmJericho listen clay jericho i mean chris aiken i mean y2gay ryan seacrest called n he wants his highlights back”

“@mikethemiz Adam lambert called and he wants you back…”

“@IAmJericho i ate some bad food i have to go take a chris jericho”

“@IAmJericho as i sit here in the stalls of jericho i cant get this parasite out does anyone have a code breaker?”

“@IAmJericho code broken i broke the walls down.”

“Just heard Miz’s match tonight in Adelaide was cancelled due to lack of interest…”

“I’m glad Miz thinks of me when he’s taking a dumpski. I think of him when I’m banging his mum…”

“@IAmJericho i just talked to my mom and she said not to worry it happens to alot of guys, you were nervous. Also y does she call u pinky”

“@mikethemiz I heard Miz had a barnburner of a match tonight…people ran out and burned their barns in protest.”

“@IAmJericho just heard this band who r supposed to be the new jonas brothers the singer sounds like hannah montana. theyre called fozzy”

“@mikethemiz 15000 fans in attendance tonight and not one of them will buy a Chick Magnet tshirt.”

“@IAmJericho and im sure the fans in japan r excited about seeing u in ur banana hammock”

“just got done with a signing at foxtail call center in melbourne with kelly kelly. headed to the arena.”

“@mikethemiz wow the foxtail call center huh? What’s next, a signing at piggly wigglys?”

“@IAmJericho y did u want me to pick u up some tampons for u”

“@mikethemiz that would be great and can u please pick me up some pepto as well…I just watched one of your matches.”

“@IAmJericho this tweetwar is so childish y dont u deal with ur midlife crisis with writin a new book entitled around the world in depends.”

“@mikethemiz maybe it can compete with your new novel Miz-My Life With A Frog Face”


Jeff’s brother, Matt, on the other hand… Well, just take a look at his twitter page and try to stay awake. It’s kinda like his singles pro wrestling career:


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