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Podcast Episode 265: Royal Rumble 2017 Results

Remember the Alamo! And also, the Royal Rumble! The whirlwind that is the WWE has passed through San Antonio, and a lot of big stuff happened. New champions were crowned in NXT, Charlotte’s PPV streak continued, Cena and Styles had a match of the year candidate, and though questions remain about the direction with Orton winning – the Rumble itself [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 194: Night of Champions 2015 Results

John Cena is pretty much the top dog these days, but he’s not the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That’s Seth Rollins. The man who now seems to be battling monster after monster – first the baseball bat wielding man with the painted face, Sting. Took care of business, there. Now, a split personality version of Kane. Entertaining and terrifying. Will [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 190: SummerSlam 2015 Results

What a weekend of wrestling! Saturday delivered two solid events in Brooklyn – Ring of Honor’s Field of Honor and NXT TakeOver. The subways were packed with fans in wrestling shirts, and that wasn’t even the primary draw for either of those crowds! SummerSlam was built up to have a WrestleMania feel, and it pretty much delivered. Big time matches, [Read More]

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Podcast Episode 179.5: Dirtee Jesus vs The Kaveman

After getting into a heated discussion over the current push Kevin Owens is currently receiving on the main roster, our bearded brothers Derek and Billi had to keep it going for round 2. In this special edition, they debate the legitimacy of Owens and the impact of beating John Cena clean at a PPV. Whose side are you on? Featuring: [Read More]