Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and Lemi Atom (@lemiatom) have reached the vaunted 4th season of Saturday Night Live, and everything’s changing. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi have just returned from filming Animal House and 1941, along with recording a Blues Brothers live album. Everyone on the cast is taking outside gigs, starting production companies, and on their own roads to super-stardom. But the output here, even in spite of 2 of the all-time worst episodes ever, is legendary. From gigantic musical guests to returning characters, to the best one-and-done character in the history of the show, the cast was still on their A-game throughout. Sit back and enjoy as our intrepid hosts continue the look back!

Sponsored by Slingshot House (@slingshothouse), Nightmare Fuel Video (, and Faces in Heels Burlesque.

Opening and closing theme by the Saturday Night Live Band.

Special thanks to Beldar and Prymaat Conehead, and the Ghost of Don Pardo.

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