With a sequel only weeks away, (and let’s face it, everyone is running out of Netflix to watch) we took a look back at the smash hit 1988 comedy from Eddie Murphy: Coming to America.

How many tangents can we go on in a single episode? More than you can shake your rose petals at.

From the origins of Eddie Murphy playing multiple roles in his films, McDonald’s Vs. McDowell’s and the new version of The Stand, to the specific way that hair is NOT cut and drums are NOT hit in this movie, not to mention the genius that is Randy Watson… this one has it all.

Just don’t mention Rocky Marciano.

So let your Soul Glo and check out UNT 113: Coming to America.

Hosted by: ‘King of Queens… land’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Featuring: ‘SuperJew’ Jared Robinovitz (@SuperJew75) & ‘Rocky Marciano’ Tim Agne (@timagne).

Music by: Nile Rodgers & Soul Glo.

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Greig Tansley

From Down Under, a huge comic book, movie & television nerd, I bring you the Unfunny Nerd Tangent series here on the Steel Cage Network.
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