Mat Mania Podcast 191: Lean into it…rear and all

Mat Mania Podcast
NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day was the bright fire we needed to start the week of wrestling. This PPV was full throttle start to finish fire. Congratulations to the new Dusty Cup winners! Screw you Adam Cole for breaking up Undisputed Era. We won’t talk much about Raw, but, they really screwed the pooch on this one. The Elimination Chamber has been slapped together, but SmackDown is still holding it down on the WWE
brand. We sit with Roman.

First and foremost, Congratulations Cody and Brandi Rhodes for their new baby girl! We wish
you happiness and health! AEW continues to light up the Wednesday Night Wars. Santana & Ortiz VS The Young Bucks was an absolute banger of a match. The AEW Women’s Division also is progressing very nicely.
Don’t forget to catch the AEW Japanese Women’s for free on YouTube. This show flies with Rey Fenix.

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Theneoecks: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – HBO

Teek_Hall: 91 Days – HBO

Mega Ran: TheComeUpSeries – YouTube

Rok: Young Rock – NBC

G1: Sylvie’s Love – Amazon Prime Video

BONUS PUTOVER: Judas and the Black Messiah – HBO

Snack of the Week: Kayden Carter – NXT Superstar

Burial of the Week, Year, Forever: The Elected Officials of the State of Texas, but especially
Ted Cruz

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Derek Montilla

Derek Montilla is the host of Minutes With The Mayor podcast and co-host of The Steel Cage podcast. He's also the Mayor of Reseda, CA. Which isn't a real city, but you can have mail sent there. When he's not raising his daughter to be the biggest New Day mark on the planet or acting as the highest ranking fictitious official in a municipal LA neighborhood government, he is covering the Arizona Diamondbacks and other local Arizona sports teams for 98.7 FM & You can follow Derek on Twitter at or email him at

Until next time, this meeting is adjourned.