Hey guys! Psyniac here. For those of you who aren’t aware, writing The Steel Cage Standings is just one of many things I do with my free time. For the past year and a half I have released a video review for a game every week without fail and back in September I posted one of those on this site; my look at the WWF Wrestlemania Challenge for NES. Well, it’s about that time again.

This week I reviewed WWF Betrayal for GameBoy Color which is less of a “traditional” wrestling game and something more of a spin-off. It’s a side-scrolling beat ’em up (think Double Dragon or Streets of Rage) and it focuses on, of all things, the Stephanie kidnapping storyline. If you like the video be sure to subscribe as, like I said, I post a review every week in conjunction with BitCultures.com where all my content goes up a few days early and there’s a tonne of daily articles about video game culture.


Thanks guys! Brand new Steel Cage Standings coming soon, in it’s new post-Draft format.

You can find Psyniac on Twitter at Raw is Psyniac where he tweets about Raw 18 hours after it’s aired, how much he loves Carmella and, occasionally, candy.

Psyniac White

Psyniac is a 27 year old consumer of media with experience in podcasting, radio presentation, video editing and marking out for Dolph Ziggler.