I expected 'Yourself' to look more like Alex Riley.
I expected ‘Yourself’ to look more like Alex Riley.

Hey guys! Psyniac here. Chances are you weren’t aware of this because there wasn’t much cross-over until now but six months ago I decided to take my passion for writing, voice over and video editing and combine them all into a video review of Metroid Prime. From there, things spiralled out of control. For the last six months I’ve posted a review every week. Finally, the cross-over potential is there so I thought you guys might like to check out my latest video.

This week we say our prayers, take our vitamins and look at one of the very first WWF/WWE games with WWF WrestleMania Challenge for the NES! If you enjoy this video please feel free subscribe and stick around. Like I said, I put out one of these every week in conjunction with Bit Cultures so you can rely on me for continuous content. And chances are, this won’t be the only wrestling game I review! If thereĀ isĀ any particular title you want me to take a look at, let me know in the comments or via either of my Twitter accounts.

Thanks guys! New Steel Cage Standings coming very soon.

Psyniac White

Psyniac is a 27 year old consumer of media with experience in podcasting, radio presentation, video editing and marking out for Dolph Ziggler.